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Sean Smith is fine art photographer and self-confessed image hoarder. “I can’t help it, I love pictures—I always have,” says Sean. As a child he used pictures to escape from reality and, he says, “In many ways, I haven’t changed at all.”

Today, however, Sean uses a variety of techniques, including studio photography, manipulated images (Photoshop, Instagram, etc.), appropriated images, collage and painting to change reality, creating original works that are sometimes beautiful, humorous and challenging.

He combines and juxtaposes imagery from an array of visual traditions, including renaissance painting, pornography, snapshots, Web images, fashion advertising, vintage postcards, cookbooks and physique magazines. Also a fan of new technology, social media, and commercial printing, he likes to employ technology in novel ways in the presentation of his work.

Sean studied art in Philadelphia and Rome. After receiving a BFA in photography from Tyler School of art in 1988, he worked as an assistant to Bruno Ceccobelli, an acclaimed Italian painter. He has lived and worked in Washington DC since 1993.

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Photography, art, social media, Italy